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Hath Yoga: Salvation Through Physical Exercises Chemicals cause various reactions in our bodies, and by manipulating brain hammiest altered states of consciousness are experienced.

The brain’s chemistry can be affected by breathing or reducing oxygen intake. The brain can also be manipulated physiologically. Hath yoga consists of stretching exercises coupled with breathing exercises that cause the body to be flexible, thereby affecting the nervous system as well. It takes a long time to master and is advertised as non- religious, and many people use it as a fitness program. Gurus hope adherents will experience altered consciousness to open the person to its philosophies. There are some gurus that teach it purely for materialistic gain. Is it correct to call something physical when it is actually spiritual.

Japan Yoga: The “Mechanical Path” To Salvation Japan refers to the repetition or chanting of a mantra, which is usually the name of a god or demon. Hare Krishna is an example thereof when it chants the names of Krishna and Ram. Monistic use a symbolic name such as “mm”. They use the mantra to eliminate all other stimuli and blank out the mind, inducing pure- consciousness. When practiced for three hours plus daily the adherent is able to practice Transcendental Meditation and visualize. The, initiate, brings a gift and fee, and hen, the guru and initiate worships a photo of Maharanis Mashes Yogi’s guru.

The teacher then invokes blessings from gods and goddesses and the initiate is given a mantra of one of the Hindu deities. The initiate then sits in a relaxed position and repeats the mantra for twenty minutes, his mind blanks out and then he transcends all thoughts and feelings and is only aware of the awareness – the transcendental state of consciousness. After many years of practice God consciousness is achieved and unity with the universe is realized and this is classified as the “mechanical Path o God-realization” and visualized objects become reality without the use of intellect or emotions.

Maharajah Yogi labeled this TM and marketed it successfully, especially to the Western world. He advocated peace, lesser crime, lower blood pressure and increased creativity and productivity. Advanced students were taught that by using mantras of demigods they would be connected to the spirit world. Sugar-Shabby Yoga: The Path of Sound and Light Many gurus acclaim God is Light and is light within us. They misuse the text the Word was with God, and the Word was God, by adding the Word is within us and the onion reconciles us to the Godhead.

This type of yoga has been advocated by The Divine Light Mission and Radar Swami Satang. Sugar means soul and shabby means word or sound, thus this yoga style pertains to the union of the soul and the Word. It is also known as Name Backbit. These sects advocating Sugar-shabby keep their sound refers to the “primeval sound” or “Logos: and breath control. This sect is closed to most people and is only imparted to spiritually ready persons. Initiates are taken to a closed room and the initiator imparts the Satang, Saturn and vows of secrecy to the person, who bows and worships the initiator.

Initiates perform a ritual to open their third eye, by moving the eyeballs upwards under closed eyes. This causes the person to see a light or psychedelic movie or vision. More advanced students see the light without manipulating the eyes. Divine music or sound is heard by blocking the ears with the thumbs to eternal sounds. Some state they have heard some sound. The third technique is the tasting of the divine nectar and takes much practice. It involves a complicated act of swallowing the tongue and then hitting the contact point where the divine nectar is located.

This supposedly refers to the living eater flowing through our bodies. They further blaspheme the scriptures by declaring that this is also the bread of life bespoken by Jesus. The student employs breathing exercises with meditation in order to hear the Word. The lotus position is employed. The Radii Swami Satang sect meditates until the soul departs from the body through the third eye via the Logos and travels up to heaven and merges with God. These adherents claim to travel to other galaxies and planets but bring no empirical proof back with them. It is all in the mind?

Kindling Yoga: Salvation Through The “Serpent Power” Hinduism teaches that three centimeters above the rectum and three centimeters below the genitals at the spine’s base is the triangle in which the kindling, Shasta or the ‘serpent power’ lies. Allegedly it is red and white and the coil power or creative sex energy. When awakened it travels upwards through six psychic centers called chairs and gives off various psychic experiences. When the last charka called the sharper is reached one is enabled to perform miracles and achieve liberation. Breathing and homosexual handling of genitals are used to release candling.

The gurus do most of the work with the aspirant surrendering to the guru. Guru Unmanaged has thus awakened candling in thousands of people, through secret demonic power. Indians on the whole reject this yoga style as diabolical mysticism. Many have been left with pain, depression and insanity. This yoga did not have very good beginning for Unmanaged, he met his guru who was defecating outside and literally sitting in a pile of human excrement. Misunderstand sat on the man’s lap and was initiated into a diabolic vision of demons, pain, paralysis and flames of fire, which was completed with a great light entering him.

He really believed that even that foul place was god and that the guru in enlightened state was one with that pile of excrement. Thus there is no distinction between good and bad, demons and gods. Tanta: Salvation Through Sex This is viewed as the opposite of yoga and is the way of indulgence, which sages have propagated. Rational consciousness is transcended in sexual intercourse orgasm. Tanta prolongs orgasm in order to experience God consciousness. The sect is old, caddy and sixty four titanic texts were circulating by 10TH.

In the twentieth century it reached its lowest ebb and incorporated witchcraft, crudity, sex orgies, drinking blood and semen, black magic, human sacrifice and micromanaging through Christians and Muslims and they went underground. Paul aptly described them in Romans 1:24. The permissive society of the sass’s revived Tanta and merged sexual permissiveness and the occult with spirituality. Tanta forms the basis of all religious forms of yoga adapted by the west. A stone sculpture at the Citrate temple at Khartoum depicts a goddess in an act of sexual intercourse and is not viewed as orangeroot.

Tanta assumes that sex is the root of creation and is Maya or Lila, the play of cosmic consciousness (illusory magic). The cosmos is a divine devolution, male and female manifesting as mind and matter. The sexual union is thus the point of contact with the cosmic powers. Bagman Rashness influenced western Tanta greatly in the sass’s. Tanta embraces the world and uses mantras to kill the mind. The sexual ritual in Tanta is called maintain and has two branches; white tantrums and red tantrums. Some rituals have to be learnt orally and can only be learnt with a guru’s help.

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