web accessibility and conduct an accessibility evaluation

STEP 1: Use the following website for this assignment:


STEP 2: Choose ONE (1) from the following list of user personas and conduct evaluation with their perspective:

Lee, an online shopper with colour blindness
Ilya, senior staff member who is blind
Yun, retiree with low vision, hand tremor and mild short-term memory loss
Kaseem, teenager who is deaf and blind
Note: these personas are from the W3C website on Web Accessibility Initiative, under Stories of Web Users in the series on How People with Disabilities Use the Web, available on https://www.w3.org/WAI/people-use-web/user-stories/A PDF version of these stories is available along with this assignment, just in case you are not able to access their website on any day.

STEP 3: Your tasks:

First, verify the HTML outline using an online tool such as Accessibility Checker: https://achecker.ca/checker/index.php

You are expected to evaluate THREE (3) pages on the website that is specified.

Second, use an accessibility tool that is relevant for the user persona that you choose. Accessibility tools that can simulate such experiences can be found on the following web page: https://webaim.org/simulations/ Note that some simulators, such as VoiceOver (on Mac) or ScreenReader (on Windows) are available as default tools, too. Use the same THREE (3) pages you chose in the above step for this task.
Third, there are several guidelines listed under the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), classified under various levels. Use the same THREE (3) pages you chose in the above step for this task.You will find an accessibility evaluation checklist (Microsoft Excel file) along with this assignment description. Download it, summarize your observation / evaluation and submit along with other deliverables listed under the “STEP 4: What do I submit?” section below.
You can find helpful suggestions on conducting accessibility evaluations on this website: https://www.w3.org/WAI/test-evaluate/
STEP 4: What do I submit?

A single ZIP file named LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_B00XXXXXX_A1.zip

Replace “LASTNAME”, “FIRSTNAME” and “B00XXXXXX” with your last name, first name and B00 number.

The above ZIP file should contain the following documents, in the specified file formats. Failure to follow specified formats will lead to a 5% penalty on the assignment:

UserPersona_Choice.docx (or UserPersona_Choice.doc) — containing a reflection on why you chose a specific persona for this assignment. Write about why this perspective is important to you, in about 150 words.

Along with this choice, list THREE (3) things that the chosen user will do on this website. For example, what tasks they will do, what information they will search for, etc. This should be in form of 3 bullet points.

ListOfPages.docx (or, ListOfPages.doc) — containing the three (3) web pages that you chose for this assignment.
ACcheckerReport.pdf — containing the summary of the online accessibility check, and include all results that also contain potential problems (for example, achecker.ca has a feature that allows you to download a PDF report. You could also download a PDF through the browser’s print to pdf feature.)
B00XXXXXX_AccessibilitySimulation.docx (or B00XXXXXX_AccessibilitySimulation.doc) — containing a reflection on how it felt to interact with the three pages using the simulator — through the perspective of the persona you chose. Your reflection needs to consider various aspects of web accessibility, frustrations that this persona may experience, and must be at least 500 words per web page you choose. Replace “B00XXXXXX” with your B00 number.
B00XXXXXX_WCAG_Eval.xlsx — Complete the WCAG evaluation, using the evaluation checklist (WCAG_Eval.xlsx — that is available below). Replace “B00XXXXXX” with your B00 number. Note — complete both the Level A and Level AA for all three (3) pages that you chose above. Your evaluation must include specific examples and reasons for whether a guideline/rule is observed or not.
LessonsLearned.docx (or LessonsLearned.doc) — Reflect on the assignment. What did you learn? What does this mean you should do and will do in your web development activities in the future? This reflection must be around 300 words.

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