Reply research state health

Reply research state health


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The S.2467 – Patient Safety Improvement Act of 2016 is aimed at addressing health care-associated infections (Carey & Lin, 2016). This law has resulted in better practices of hygiene among health care professionals when they work with clients, equipment, technical devices, etc. Hand hygiene targeting systems were then installed in many facilities (Carey & Lin, 2016). These systems turned out to be quite effective, and yet the most important aspect about these technologies is that they do not result in ethical dilemmas that have resulted from technology changes when delivering care to patients or patient safety (Singh & Sittig, 2016).


Politics are always focused on minimization of spending and optimization of outcomes. The political climate has thus affected the choice of policy tools and the behavioral assumptions by policymakers by making an emphasis on the need of quality health care services that are cost-effective and are not associated with additional spending (Singh & Sittig, 2016).


Professional nursing organizations been involved in this policy issue by making an emphasis on the ever-growing problem of hospital readmissions due to hospital acquired infections. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services must require that acute care hospitals report antibiotic use and antimicrobial resistance. Patient safety organizations may collect patient-reported information. AHRQ must research best practices for enabling this collection of information and establish a public website to access data from the network of patient safety databases. I think this legislation appeared of high significance to address the ever-worsening problem of health care-associated infections.




Carey, K., & Lin, M. Y. (2016). Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program: safety-net hospitals show improvement, modifications to penalty formula still needed. Health Affairs, 35(10), 1918-1923.


Singh, H., & Sittig, D. F. (2016). Measuring and improving patient safety through health information technology: The Health IT Safety Framework. BMJ Qual Saf, 25(4), 226-232.





One state health policy that was implemented by the state of Florida was the This was done because according to Dietz et al (2009)


Obesity constitutes a major public health challenge in the United States. Obesogenic environments have increased owing to the consumption of calorie-dense foods of low nutritional value and the reduction of daily physical activity (e.g., increased portion sizes of meals eaten in and out of the home and fewer physical activity requirements in schools). Policymakers and public health practitioners need to know the best practices and have the competencies to use laws and legal authorities to reverse the obesity epidemic. For instance, statutes and regulations at the federal, state, and local levels of government have been implemented to improve nutritional choices and access to healthy foods, encourage physical activity, and educate consumers about adopting healthy lifestyles.


The political climate is one that is extremely conservative and places decisions and choice in the people’s hand. While the previous administration tried to address childhood obesity by regulating the types of food that is eaten in the cafeterias of public schools. The incumbent administration has served to reverse much of these efforts citing that deregulation is more in line with the desires and the wants of people. However recent research and studies conducted on obesity in Florida has led to legislation to address this issue. Moreover, “The researchers calculated obesity rates in Florida by analyzing data from the OneFlorida Data Trust, a database of medical claims information and electronic health records data for more than 12 million people statewide. To establish their findings, they compared those obesity rates with data from the national Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, or BRFSS, said Stephanie Filipp, the study’s lead author and a UF College of Medicinestatistician. The study is one of the first to make such a comparison, she said” (Bennet,2018)




Bennet, D (2018) Florida’s obesity rate may be higher than originally thought new study finds. Retrieved from:



Dietz, W. H., Benken, D. E., & Hunter, A. S. (2009). Public health law and the prevention and control of obesity. The Milbank quarterly, 87(1), 215–227. doi:10.1111/j.1468-0009.2009.00553.x





A State Health Policy

In difference to interventions focused on specific people, policies have the potential to affect health across populations. Policies, which be made up of laws, guidelines, and rules, can control how organizations providing health services are funded, planned, or thought accountable and can change physical, economic, and social environments. Therefore, a policy is a type of intervention that can significantly affect health over the long term. Legislation starting smoke-free policies is a good example. Secondhand smoke, a known carcinogen, causes 35,000 deaths from heart disease and 3,000 deaths from lung cancer annually among nonsmokers in the United States. Facts of these statistics led to smoke-free policies in several states, with smoking expelled within entire places. Experience to secondhand smoke soon reduced abruptly, in part because of social and environmental changes carried about by these policies (Lattimore, 2008).

To achieve these objectives, it’s essential that policies exist that define and integrate appropriate standards for delivery of care and address conditions necessary for that care to occur. Through policy work, nurses can be involved in this policy influence practice standards and processes to assure quality of care. Nurses who influence policy help shape the care that will be provided today and tomorrow (Burke, 2016).

The mapping application allows users to see the distribution of enacted or current heart disease and stroke prevention (HDSP) policies across the United States. CDC teamed with experts in geographic info systems from Northrop Grumman Corporation, including a human-computer interaction where pilot tested the application. Users can view legislation by CDC priority area or by topic. For example, if the user selects heart disease as the search topic, a color-coded map of the United States appears showing which states have enacted laws, current laws, both enacted and current laws, or no legislation related to heart disease (Lattimore, 2008).


Burke, S. A. (2016, June 2). Influence through policy: Nurses have a unique role. Retrieved from

Lattimore, B. F. (2008). Tools for Developing, Implementing, and Evaluating State Policy. NCBI, 5(2): A58. Retrieved from

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