positioning nova scotia for american tourists

Nova Scotia is one of the ten provinces of Canada competing for tourism but its results are way behind those of other provinces. Nova Scotia is known as “Canada’s ocean playground”, it is surrounded by water and temperatures are moderated by the ocean. However, it is not a priority destination for American tourists. Tourism is important for the economy of Nova Scotia; they need to increase the venue of tourists. Nova Scotia needs a good positioning and lacks consistency in its promotional message. . Which US consumer segments can Nova Scotia reasonably attack? Nova Scotia should redefine its market segmentation; it is not possible to have everything that fits everyone’s needs. Its main attraction is the fact that it is surrounded by water and that the weather is moderated; this allows activities such as kayak, canoe and fishing for instance. We thought that Nova Scotia could focus on resorts vacationers seeking water sports and good weather.

Another asset of Nova Scotia is its beautiful landscape, and the activities provided to vacationers such as camping in Cape Breton, trips to watch whales and other animals, among others so it could also target outdoor vacationers seeking clean air, rest, quiet and beautiful scenery. As they can get to Nova Scotia by car, Eastern American tourists should be targeted as well. 2. What are some of the (positioning) errors committed in the past?

Nova Scotia committed errors in the past regarding positioning as they did not have any consistency in their message. Their different past campaigns all had a different message, as they were trying something new to attract vacationers every time. As they did not segment their market well, they were trying to attract everyone with those campaigns and as a result, did not attract many people. We also saw that they have made promotional videos. The problem with these videos is that there was no consistency between the images displayed.

In order to generate a unique differentiated image in the mind of the American tourist, they could have made a video displaying all the possible activities that they have to offer to those who want to enjoy the ocean. 3. How should Nova Scotia be repositioned to be more attractive to US tourists? Nova Scotia needs a competitive differentiation from the other provinces of Canada to attract more tourists. To Eastern Americans, the competitive advantage that Nova Scotia has to highlight is that quality holidays could not be closer.

A two hours drive and they can get to see whales for example. To resorts vacationers seeking water sports and good weather and outdoor vacationers seeking clean air, rest, quiet and beautiful scenery they could highlight the fact that water is everywhere, ocean, gulf, bay, the vacationer just has to choose in which he would like to have fun as there are various opportunities. They could also highlight their incredible fauna and flora and the possibility to be a part of it and observe rare species. And Nova Scotia should always remind tourists that it is Canada’s Ocean playground!

Who would not want to go in such a place? All these characteristics could attract foreign vacationers but they could also be attracted by the fact that Nova Scotia is a small province, a really typical place where they won’t be part of a number but where they will be special. Also the historical background should be used as they could feel like being a part of something important. Nova Scotia is a place where history was made and where memories are built, a place where vacations should take place.

How do other provinces affect Nova Scotia’s decision? The other 9 provinces in this zone are direct competition and will affect Nova Scotia in its decisions. First of all, they have the same general geographical and weather characteristics in the same country so there can’t be a special differentiation to begin. Second, we want to position Nova Scotia in the mind of the consumers around the natural resources that are part of this environment, the conservation of species and all the natural activities around the sea.

So if we want to attract tourist with aquatic activities, we have to be sure that in the other states they are not any similar or we should have ours with better quality or price. So the other provinces affect Nova Scotia’s decision directly because the regions have resemblances with a lot of commons offers. The goal is simple: differentiate Nova Scotia from the others, they have to be sure that this new touristic model stay unique and that there is no copy from it. 5. What other variables, apart from positions, will determine whether Americans will choose Nova Scotia as a vacation destination?

Apart from positions, we selected others variables that will influence the American to choose Nova Scotia as a vacation destination: * The weather: In vacations, the climate is one of the most important things, so if the weather is good, there is sun, not too much wind and the temperatures are high, Nova Scotia will have a good base to attract tourists. * Modernity: Nowadays, the persons who travel are part of the middle-high social class, so they have an important purchasing power and budget for their vacations in general, they can afford some good vacations in modern, comfortable and luxury hotels (or for example ecologic).

This point has been a basic necessity to tourists and Nova Scotia will need to have the correct installations to receive vacationers and answer to their demands. * Activities: The type of activities that will be proposed to the customers will be decisive, they have to be diverse and differentiate themselves with other places. After a good market analysis, we will be able to determine what there is better. In order to attract our target market, we also have to organize specific events, such as cultural events. People behavior: the attitude and kindness of people with persons coming from others regions/zones/countries will be decisive to the image of the place, and finally will be influence the tourism as it will create good or bad publicity (avoid conflict with English accent for instance).

* Cost of life: In Canada like in others first developed countries, the cost of life is high so the tourists take that point in consideration to travel. The exchange rate with the dollar will be as much important as the cost of the gas: tourists driving to get there or renting a car have to consider these expenses. Distance: Obviously the distance to travel will interfere with the price and the motivation to travel (the tourists generally don’t want to travel 20 hours with various connections flight). Conclusion Nova Scotia is a place where nature can be observed and approached. For American tourists, it is a place that is close and totally different at the same time. Playing on their differences with other provinces will give them a competitive asset as it is a small place that has a lot to offer.

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