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 Response to the head nurse:I am certain that most of us here admire your being responsible to your tasks, and even those that are not your own. But there are many of us as well who needs the salary increase. We will only be able to have that after the evaluations have finished, and you are the only one who can do that job.

Why do not we, perhaps, divide those other assignments among free staff who are able to accommodate them? That way, you can concentrate on the evaluations, and there will be no delays with the much anticipated salary increases. While there are interview questions that employers cannot not ask, the HR World Editors (2007) asserts that there are interview questions that are just illegal when asked.1.         What is your religion? Many interviewers may feel the need to ask about what religion the interviewee has to know if they will be available to work on  weekends.

However, this is a sensitive topic especially if the interviewee is touchy about religion. Thus, the interviewer should ask instead if the interviewee if available for weekend work.2.         How old are you? Age is another ground for discrimination issues, so it is not okay to ask the interviewee the innocent question How old are you? Ask instead if the interviewee is of the legal age to be employed.

3. Do you have kids? This is acceptable for jobs which require working with kids, otherwise employers really need not know. If it is a concern about work schedules, it should be asked directly instead.4.

How much do you weigh? It is never material to a job interviewee. In case of physical work, the question should be Have you experienced working with 50-pound packages, because this job will require you to carry heavy boxes around?5. Have you been arrested? It is improper to ask this outright. Better to ask the person if he has available police clearances or referrals if it matters so much for the job, or ask convictions on specific crimes that may relate to the position, such as robbery or theft.

 When asked the following questions:1.      What is your religion? I am _____, and with my years of professional experience I have not had any concern about my religion affecting my career. I am pretty sure it will be the same for this particular job.2.

      How old are you? (Smilingly) Does this position have any age limit? I am __, and if that is too young or too old I still have my experiences for us to discuss.3.      Do you have kids? Oh yes I do, wonderful kids! And they have been very cooperative with my career, they get me inspired all the time. They understand my schedules, and knows that schedules are very important to us.

4.      How much do you weigh? Well, I still fit in my old clothes, though I have still chosen to taper on fatty foods. But I am pretty sure I am physically fit for this job.5.

      Have you been arrested? Well, not yet. (Smilingly) I still have my sensibilities and were able to refrain from doing things that will keep me from this job. Sexual harassment is a serious matter for employees and companies alike. When under this situation, it is my responsibility to report the incident to the authorities at once, be it manager or supervisor or human resources head.

This is not always an easy option though, as it exposes me to embarrassment. Another option is to say no right away at the moment of incidence. Many harassers do their act feeling that the victim will not react. If they know that the victim will not keep silent, the less chance they will continue with the deed.

Otherwise, a letter to the harasser may also be in order. Keeping a copy of the letter will also be a good defense, in case things go awry. If things do not go better, lodging a complaint is the best thing to do. (Ratgrrll? sexual harassment page, n.

d.)The National Labor Relations Act of 1935, also known as the Wagner Act, was signed to establish the National Labor Relations Board to address issues between unions and private companies. Its main competency is to penalize companies who initiate unfair labor practices, and to cultivate a strong union force among employees to protect labor rights. This mission has been granted, with a record high in union memberships and improvisations with the company policies towards labor practice.

(National Labor Relations Act [1935], n.d.) Today, while this act may still be useful, many modern labor policies have taken labor equality to a higher level. Thus, this act has become obsolete.

While unions are still being formed, better networking among employees and better organizations where employees can talk about their views and beliefs have been existent to help alleviate labor inequality issues. Thus, this act may no lnger apply today, but deserves credit as it has become the basis for modern labor laws to be formed and instituted.As it is the first time that the supervisor has communicated with the nurse about the evaluation, it is difficult to say if the call meant it is a better evaluation or a bad one. Having announced so after the change-of-shift report, it has become public that an issue might be present with the nurse? evaluation.

The appointment should have been set in private, with the nurse and the supervisor the only ones aware. Secondly, the evaluation have been pre-judged, the reason why the conference has been called. Thus, any comment arising from the conference will do little to affect the turn out of the evaluation.However, there are things that can be done to combat these issues.

For one, appointments             for evaluation conferences should be done in private from then on. A copy of the evaluation         should be provided to the employee at the conference, and both good and bad points should be    discussed.  The employee should be given a chance to defend himself for anything negative that    may have been in the evaluation.Lastly, the evaluator should be open to the dialog.

Calling for the conference means that             justification is being sought from the employee. Thus, sound reasoning should be accepted. In     the end, if it will make the evaluation better, then so be it. References HR World Editors.

2007. 30 interview questions you cant ask. Retrieved February 8, 2008, from http://www.hrworld.

com/features/30-interview-questions-111507/  National labor relations act (1935). n.d. Retrieved February 8, 2008, from http://www.

ourdocuments.gov/doc.php?flash=true&doc=67#top  Ratgrrll? seual harassment page. n.

d. Retrieved February 8, 2008, from http://all.net/games/sex/harass2.html#options 

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