Excelsior College Groundwater Contamination Presentation

Course Project Assignment- Instructions, Q&A

You are to present a local environmental issue or problem, solutions to the problem, the costs/benefits associated with the solutions to the problem, and a determination of the best solution, based on your analysis of the costs and benefits. Be sure to not make your topic too broad. It should cover a specific town or area, not the entire world or a country, but does not have to be the particular town or area you live – it can be anywhere in the world. Please stay away from global warming issues. This is an extremely difficult area to narrow down locally and present reasonable solutions. It is simply much too broad for this type of presentation.

As an example, runoff from a coalmine may be contaminating the groundwater of a nearby town. A solution to abating the contaminated groundwater could be to shut down the coalmine, but at the cost of everyone losing their jobs. A benefit to this solution could be clean drinking water for the community.

There are a host of other costs and benefits associated with the solution to the above example. There are also many alternatives for solutions, none of which would make everyone happy. It is your job to find these costs and benefits for whatever solutions you choose. Then, analyze each solution’s costs and benefits to determine which is the best solution. Remember when considering costs and benefits, they go far beyond dollar values (e.g. loss or gain of jobs, land use, recreation, convenience, public health, habitat loss or gain, pollution, etc.).

Include a slide with the title of your presentation, then an introduction slide describing the environmental problem. The main body of the presentation should describe the solutions and the costs/benefits to the proposed solution and give recommendations based on your cost/benefit analysis. Be sure to use APA style citations and include a reference slide.

A PowerPoint presentation is really just an outline (with topics, subtopics, and bulleted statements), so it only contains the main points (just like you make an outline when writing a research paper). If you have never used PowerPoint, there are many tutorials on the internet, such as http://www.actden.com/pp/, that explain how to create a presentation. It is better to have a short well-organized and well-written presentation, than a lengthy one that rambles off topic. If you want me to review a draft of your presentation, attach it in a message to me before the start of Week 7 and I’ll comment on it.

Very important: Click this link to view the rubric so you know how you will be graded. It works very well as a checklist to make sure you have completed all requirements.

Grading details for Course Project (Assignment 7)

Do not repeat the Forum 7 topic environmental success/hot topics for your assignment 7 power point presentation. Repeating the forum 7 topic will lower the score to 50%

Do not use the common topics like population growth, water usage, recycling programs, Littering /trash, garbage/homeless shelters, City building and so on and grade will be reduced to 50%. Do not crowd the slides with pictures and copy details included in brochure or advertisement. Cite the source address if related to your topic. Use your own words to describe the environmental problem.

Presentation topic should address on a specific site like environmental issue. Provide the name of the location, history and timeline – when it happened and past and present conditions at the site.

Provide 2-3 solutions slides and the cost and benefit associated with each solution. Cost and benefit can be both quantitative (expenditure in dollars, job loss, # of species, habitat lost) and qualitative (drought, depletion of natural resources)

For Recommendation slide include your best solution to the problem and the benefits

For presentation avoid paragraphs, use list of short single sentence/bullet list. can add pictures, maps, graph, tabular data to maximize your points (pictures must have source address added to the end of pictures). Add references in APA format. Include slides for title page, your name and course name. See the presentation topic description posted in the Open Forum.

Do not exceed more than 15 slides including graphics. Minimum can be 7 slides. Provide enough details. Use library resources other than websites sources. Provide eight references minimum for maximum points.

Provide APA Format for references – Provide substantial sources relate to the topic. Minimum 8 source address in the reference slide to achieve maximum point for the slide (10%)

Using APA Style for references and citations

This is a research presentation and score 30% of the final grade. Find journal articles from the APUS library apart from web sources or news article. You can find some projects on environmental issues in your state/county website in the Department of natural resources or environmental planning, US Fish and Wildlife web site, US EPA, and Bureau of Land Management

grading details

use the title for each slide provided in the presentation topic and specific details on each slide from Introduction, solution, cost and benefit, and recommendation. Do not add extra unrelated details. Provide concise and clear substantial facts in the slides.


Title 5% (provide your name and course name along with the title)

Introduction 10% (history on the environmental damage, name the specific site location, timeline when and how it happened, loss of resources, cleanup process)

Solutions 15% (1-3 slide) (ways to solve the problems)

Cost and Benefits 15% (1-2 slide) (how much it costs qualitatively and quantitatively to solve the problem. name the benefits)

Recommendation 15% (1-2 slide) (write your recommendation – the best ways to solve the problem)

References 10% (use APA format and provide sources for pictures)

Organization 10% (slides well presented, use bulleted list of short sentences in each slide, readable font size)

Use of Technology 10% (provide graphics maps, tables, charts relate to the slide title)

Writing Standard 10% (originality, error free check grammar and spelling; use readable font size)


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