african american and black people

1 . What issues most concerned black political leaders during Reconstruction? Reconstruction brought important social changes to former slaves. Families that had been separated before and during the Civil War were reunited, and slave marriages were formalized through legally recognized ceremonies. Families also took advantage of the schools established by the Freedmen’s Bureau and the expansion of public education, albeit segregated, under the Reconstruction legislatures.

New opportunities for higher education also became available with the founding soon after the Civil War of black colleges, such as Howard University in Washington, D. C. , and Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee. The number of African-American churches grew significantly and became social and political centers as well as houses of worship. Black ministers assumed a leadership role in the community and were among the first elected officials. The most fundamental concern of blacks through all of the changes, though, was economic survival.

2. What did black political leaders accomplish and fail to accomplish during Reconstruction? What contributed to their successes and failures? During the decade known as Radical Reconstruction (1867-77), Congress granted African American men the status and rights of citizenship, including the right to vote, as guaranteed by the 14th and 15th Amendments to the U. S. Constitution. During Reconstruction, some 2,000 African Americans held public office, from the local level all the way up to the U. S. Senate, though they never achieved representation in government proportionate to their numbers. . Were black political leaders unqualified to hold office so soon after the end of slavery?

They were unqualified to hold office soon after the slavery because some of the amendments disqualified blacks. Yes because the amendments prevented blacks to be in the office. 4. To what extent did African Americans dominate southern politics during Reconstruction? Should we refer to this era as “Black Reconstruction” African Americans dominated the southern politics during Reconstruction because of the debate play a big part in the situation. . Why did the Republican Party fail to maintain control of southern state governments during Reconstruction? Because other party had more voters and stronger debates. 6. What was “redemption”? What happened when redemption occurred? What factors contributed to redemption? The return of an investor’s principal in a fixed income security, such as a preferred stock or bond; or the sale of units in a mutual fund. A redemption occurs, in a fixed income security at par or at a premium price, upon maturity or cancellation by the issuer.

Redemptions occur with mutual funds, at the choice of the investor, however limitations by the issuer may exist, such as minimum holding periods. 7. How and why did Reconstruction end? reconstruction ended because of the compromise of 1877. It was an unwritten agreement that stated Hayes would win the presidency, if he were to remove troops from southern states (political).. Reconstruction also failed because many people in the south did not want to accept a life different from what they were used to (social).

8. How effective was Reconstruction in assisting black people to move from slavery to freedom? It was very effective because black people did get a chance to become free. 1 . How were black people prevented from voting despite the Fifteenth Amendment? Many white Americans were upset about the fifteenth amendment so they put fear in the black community by attacking them at the polls and throughout different cities. 2. How did white Americans justify segregation? They had better options than blacks. For example Blacks had to seat in the of the classroom and buses.

3. Why did the South experience an epidemic of violence? and lynching in the late nineteenth century? Because people wanted revenge upon people in the south 4. Why didn’t more black people leave the South in this period? Because they was afraid of what people from the south might do to them. 1. How did the strategies promoted by Booker T. Washington differ from those of W. E. B. Du Bois and the NAACP? Which were more effective? W. E. B Du Bois wanted people to work for the things they wanted. Booker T Washington wanted people to find a trade and work for the stuff they want.

W. E. B Du Bois was more effective because the black community wanted to be educated was the can understand things . 2. Assess Washington’s contributions to the advancement of black people? Booker T Washington wanted people to find a trade and work for the stuff they want. 3. How did middle-class and prosperous black people try to contribute to progress for their race? Were their efforts effective? They efforts were effective they seen that it was possible for blacks to advance in life and they wanted to progress. 4. Why did most African Americans support U. S. articipation in World War I? Was that support justified? Because they loved their country, and wanted to support their families. 6. Why did many black people leave the South in the 1920s? Why didn’t this migration begin earlier or later? Because they were not being treated fair. 2. What examples of progress could leaders like W. E. B. Du Bois, James Weldon Johnson, A. Philip Randolph, and Marcus Garvey point to in the 1920s? 3. Why did so many African-American leaders reject Marcus Garvey? Because he wanted them to go back to Africa and got close with Ku Klux Klan.

4. How did the black nationalism of the Universal Negro Improvement Association differ from the white nationalism of the Ku Klux Klan? Because they were not violent. 5. What economic opportunities existed for African Americans who had migrated to northern cities? 6. Why did the literary and artistic movement known as the Harlem Renaissance emerge? 7. What was distinctive about black writers, artists, and musicians? Were their creative works essentially a part of American culture or separate from it? 8. Did African Americans have any reason to be optimistic by the late 1 920s? . Why did African Americans abandon their long association with the Republican Party in favor of the Democratic Party? Because African Americans felt like the democratic party share the same beliefs. 2. How did black radicalism influence Roosevelt’s New Deal policies and programs? 3. How did black people respond to and survive the Great Depression? How did the experiences of black women during the Depression reflect their race, class, and gender status? 1 . How did the Great Depression affect black culture? How did the WPA democratize black culture?

How did black religious culture change during this era? It rapidly increases and had black support and establish an organization. 2. How did black artists, musicians, filmmakers, and writers negotiate the dilemma of dual consciousness as articulated by Du Bois? They knew that people had to be educated to make their dreams come true. The different talents that they had needed to be shared with the world and the way they could do that is understanding how, why, when and what message will people understand them or they dreams.

This provided blacks with the opportunity to shine and show their talented. 3. How did swing-era big band music lead to bebop? What problems did the bebop musicians encounter? They were introduce to beats, It was not catching a lot of people attention. It was a culture change in Chicago and Harlem. The cities started a different age of music. Jazz and hip-hop dancing help create the renaissance in the two areas. 6. Why did black athletes become prominent during the1930s and 1940s? What was their impact on American.

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